So you could say, “As a woman, I believe that…”


I did not kill my wife. I am not a murderer.

Gone Girl (2014), dir. David Fincher

Dustin Hoffman planned the moment when he throws his wine glass against the wall during the restaurant scene with Meryl Streep. The only person he warned in advance was the cameraman, to make sure that it got in the shot. Streep’s shocked reaction is real, but she stayed in character long enough for the director to yell cut. In the documentary on the DVD, she recalls yelling at Hoffman as soon as the shot was over for scaring her so badly.

"I'm not insane, I'm voluntarily indifferent to conventional 
reality." - Jared Leto

Who wants to send a message to Germany?

I don’t think there’s such a thing as women’s comedy. It’s all comedy. - Amy Poehler


Vivre Sa Vie (1962), dir. Jean-Luc Godard


If you figure a way to live without serving a master, any master, then let the rest of us know, will you? For you’d be the first in the history of the world.

The Master (2012), Paul Thomas Anderson