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Shirley MacLaine waves as she boards an airplane bound for Italy to attend the Venice Film Festival, 1960.

"It’s nice to be called a heart-throb – I’m not complaining – but I don’t see myself as being good-looking. There’s something intrinsically fetishistic about the big screen, with all those huge close-ups. It’s strange looking at anyone that size.” (x)


Liv Ullmann: "I was always reading a book in-between takes and once I looked up and they were still doing a lot with the camera…and…and I…looked up and Sven Nykvist, the cinematographer, was doing things with the camera and then, there, doing nothing…was Ingmar and he was just…looking at me. And I knew…he…he felt something for me.” (x)

I feel something important is happening around me. And it scares me.

i’m the vice president of the united states, you stupid little fuckers


Masters of Sex 2.01: Parallax

"How can we possibly interpret what’s happened here?"


Film Meme - [1/2] Decade: 1960’s

"The sophistication and creativity of these films led to the recognition of cinema as an artistic medium, not simply a form of mass entertainment."